Next-Gen Tour

Next-Gen vibes

The new generation of Ducati Scrambler takes the spotlight in Australia with an event in true Scrambler style, featuring lots of yellow vibes, journalists, VIPs and enthusiasts.

An iconic place

Guests arrived at the art hotel’s rooftop poolside party through a vibrant yellow Scrambler media wall. The Scrambler-themed open-air space featured yellow deck chairs, beach umbrellas, and signature Scrambler cocktails, creating a perfect setting for a breezy night under the Brisbane stars.

A special guest

Australian artist and Scrambler Ducati Friend, Vincent Fantauzzo, unveiled the new Scrambler range to guests. He shared insights into his passion for the Scrambler brand and motorcycles, along with his creative process as an acclaimed, award-winning artist.

Van Orton x Scrambler Ducati

On display also the unique Scrambler Ducati version based on Van Orton design, in the wake of the customization spirit that represents one of the cornerstones of the brand philosophy.

Watch the behind the scenes video.

A few pics

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