The Next-Gen Tour continues its journey across the waters overseas, after its stops in Europe and Mexico, it arrives in Tokyo.

With an event filled with fun, several guests and the perfect setting of the Red Tokyo Tower, the “Next-Gen Freedom” Scrambler Ducati was presented to enthusiasts on the occasion of the arrival of the Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift models in Japanese dealerships.

The Tokyo event represents the latest chapter in chronological order of a story of sharing that is reaching everywhere in the world. During its first year, the new generation Scrambler Ducati first made its way into the hearts of European motorcyclists with the legs of the Next-Gen Tour, and subsequently brought the energy and vibrations that have always characterized the “Land of Joy” to different corners of the planet through events always characterized by joy, freedom and self-expression: from Mexico to Thailand, to India and Australia, many enthusiasts were able to experience up close the new models proposed by this new generation Scrambler Ducati.

The launch of the “Next-Gen Freedom” in Japan took place through an authentic party, which was attended by around 200 people including journalists, VIPs, institutions and passionate customers. The evening began with a technical presentation by Rocco Canosa (Head of Scrambler Ducati at Ducati Motor Holding), who told the public about the evolution of the Scrambler Ducati product, capable of constantly improving over the years without ever losing its identity. The new generation (link to see the presentation episode here) offers three versions – Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift – with a different style, but united by characterizing elements such as low weight (-4 kg compared to the previous generation), relaxed riding position and riding pleasure, which is expressed both on urban journeys and on trips out of town.

The Desmodue engine mounted on the “Next-Gen” Ducati Scrambler, has been modernized in its contents, is about 2.5 kg lighter than the previous generation, and is now equipped with a new eight-disc clutch with a softer pull. The clutch is also more compact, which has made it possible to reduce the side encumbrance of its cover, thus offering more space for the rider’s foot.

The new Scrambler Ducati is even more fun and safe thanks to the introduction of Ride by Wire throttle management. This solution, which on the one hand makes the engine’s response ready at any throttle opening angle, while remaining progressive and easy to manage at all rpm, on the other allows the adoption of Ducati Traction Control and to have two Riding Modes: Road and Sport. The standard equipment is completed by ABS cornering, essential for making riding even safer.

The new fuel tank is the element that best expresses the concept of customization, which has always distinguished the Scrambler Ducati universe. The coloured portion of the Icon version is a cover that can be easily replaced to suit all tastes. Scrambler Ducati offers nine colours: ’62 Yellow, Thrilling Black, Ducati Red, Storm Green, Rio Celeste, Orange Tangerine, Jade Green, Sparking Blue, Velvet Red. This customization mechanism also lends itself naturally to personal creative interventions and precisely in this sense during the evening in Tokyo a super limited edition cover kit was unveiled (10 units only for the Japanese market), created by the artistic collective GOO CHOKI PAR, who were also responsible for the visual design of the event. GOO CHOKI PAR are a trio of very popular graphic designers in Japan, who in their works aim to extend the boundaries of graphic expression, freeing it from conventions. Each project is carried out in a group and combines the three different forms of creativity of the members of the collective.

Another moment much appreciated by the participants at the Tokyo event was the one dedicated to Scrambler Ducati apparel, which on this occasion was expressed through a real fashion show curated in collaboration with the Japanese brand BEAMS. The evening then concluded with a moment of conversation that involved all the guests of the event, where talk revolved around the relationship with the creativity of a brand like Scrambler Ducati, and with a DJ Set that filled the fifth floor of the Red Tokyo Tower with lots of smiles.