A joyful trip among Tuscan hills with Simone Bramante.

Known professionally as Brahmino, he has been travelling the world to seek out the most “Scrambleresque” locations, depicting the lightheartedness of the Land of Joy in his own dream-like style. We met him at the end of his last ride in the Apuane Alps with the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Special.


Simone, how do you portray a bike like the Scrambler?

The Scrambler is characterised by the fact that it is not just a bike, but a lifestyle. The Scrambler is itself wherever it goes, regardless of whether that is a beach in Cape Town, a Parisian boulevard or the Tuscan hills. Professionally, this is very important to me, because storytelling is the tool I want to use to always enhance the value of what I do.

How do Scrambler projects take shape?

It’s a natural and spontaneous process, in which I am both director and conduit. The shared idea was conceived in Borgo Panigale, at the heart of the Land of Joy. It went on to be developed with the people who live and work in the locations where the photo shoots take place. Only they know all of the places, the colours and the shades of light that can serve as a backdrop to our work. As an example, who better to accompany us on our last shoot for the 1100, exploring Tuscany and its splendid vistas, than Max Lazzi, photographer and Scramblerista?


What is the secret behind achieving the perfect shot?

I’ve never considered myself to be purely a photographer, because my personal style of photography is geared towards communication, encompassing both aesthetics and storytelling. Letting people be free to express themselves, enjoy themselves and share their experiences is the most genuine way to convey emotions. In keeping with the Scrambler spirit, over these four years of working together, we’ve always managed to do just that.