Van Orton X
Scrambler Ducati

Scrambler Icon
meets digital art

The iconic spirit of Scrambler Ducati and the sense of freedom of the Land of Joy blend with the visionary art of Van Orton Design. The relationship between these two brands expresses a clear connection across art, digital worlds, innovation, and pop culture. This truly unique and vibrant collaboration has resulted in the visual identity of the Next-Gen Tour, a limited-edition cover kit for the Scrambler Icon, and a capsule collection of clothing that unleashes all the energy of Scrambler Ducati.

The twin artists

van orton

Stefano and Marco are two Italian twin brothers born in Turin, better known as Van Orton, now among the most famous names in European digital art. The pseudonym “Van Orton,” borrowed from Nicholas Van Orton, the protagonist of David Fincher’s renowned 1997 film “The Game,” represents a unique visual style appreciated and sought after by major international brands.

Their art is strongly influenced by the pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s, with references to the aesthetics of Roy Lichtenstein and the style of ancient Gothic stained glass. Colors, geometries, and kaleidoscopic shapes that emanate an energy that blends seamlessly with the universe of Scrambler Ducati.

let’s talk About the kit.
Limited edition in 50 pieces!

The livery captures the vibrant burst of colors that defines the Van Orton style and underscores the significance of the Land of Joy’s customization concept.

The kit will be delivered in a special box with dedicated graphics, including the certificate of authenticity and a series of surprises, including some stickers to make the motorcycle even more unique.


Side panels


what you
need to

limited edition

The Icon cover kit by Van Orton design is available in only 50 units worldwide and delivered in a special collectable packaging.


The kit is available as an accessory cost* of € 690.00 + VAT (Italy).
*Refer to your local dealer for country specific price and for fitting costs detailed.

how to buy them?

Visit your local dealer for more information and to reserve your one-of-kind piece for your Scrambler Ducati Icon.

Capsule collection
Available from September

The clothing collection perfectly blends the unique, colourful and pop style of the designers with the Scrambler universe. Customization remains at the centre, providing everyone with the opportunity to fully express their personality.
Explore the capsule collection and immerse yourself in the world of Van Orton x Scrambler.


The capsule collection, featuring graphics designed specifically for the kit, will include 4 t-shirts, 2 hoodies, 1 crewneck sweatshirt, 1 shirt, and 2 caps.


Van Orton’s artistic style blended perfectly with the Scrambler creative universe, resulting in a collection that combines digital art, innovation and pop culture.


The capsule collection, available from September 2024, will be bookable at your local dealership and available on the Ducati E-shop starting from Summer 2024.

limited edition

Pre-order the limited edition cover kit
Only 50 available.