• Fasthouse Scrambler Ducati rider Jordan Graham claims first place in Hooligan Open
• Graham #47, finishes 45 minutes ahead of the next finisher
• Pikes Peak Winning Spider Grips team reform to support Scrambler Ducati Mint 400 project

Ducati North America, working in partnership with off-road brand Fasthouse, entered riders Jordan Graham #47 and Ricky Diaz #51 in the Hooligan Open class on two modified Scrambler Ducati Desert Sleds prepared and managed by the Pikes Peak winning Spider Grips Team. A third Scrambler Ducati Desert Sled, also prepared by Spider Grips, was ridden in the two-man tag team of Alexander Smith & Michael Allen, using #5 in memory of fellow racer Carlin Dunne.

From the start, both Fasthouse Scrambler Ducati riders attacked the course hard with their top speeds exceeding 100 mph across the lake beds before riding into dangerous rock fields. By the completion of the first lap Graham #47 entered the pits to refuel and continue in the lead, closely followed by Diaz #51. Alexander Smith #5 entered the pits in third, handing over riding duties to team member Michael Allen #5.

In the final 80-mile lap, Graham #47 attacked hard on his Desert Sled to extend his lead over Diaz #51 who responded with an aggressive charge of his own, only to take a hard hit in the rock fields ending his race prematurely with a broken gear shifter, handing second place to Michael Allen #5 on his Falkner Livingston Scrambler Ducati Desert Sled.

At the close of the race Jordan Graham #47 crossed the line in 4:45:35 to claim the win in the Hooligan Open Class, 45 minutes ahead of the Scrambler Ducati of the two-rider team of Smith & Allen #5 and dominating all other Hooligan class machines.

A great success in the oldest and most prestigious off-road race in America.

“The Scrambler Ducati was great, it tracked through the sand washes perfectly and on the open stretches we were blasting past the 450 enduros,” said Jordan Graham, Fasthouse Scrambler Ducati Rider. “It’s a brutal, fun course and the Desert Sled soaked up a real beating. I’m stoked to get this win for Fasthouse, Scrambler Ducati and the Spider Grips team.”

“A win at the historic Mint 400 is a great achievement, made all the more exciting due to Scrambler’s connection with the spirit of off-road riding in the deserts of the Southwest,” said Jason Chinnock, Chief Executive Officer of Ducati North America. “Both the Scrambler and the Mint 400 story began in the 1960s, so it made sense for us to come together again for the exciting new Hooligan Class.”

The Mint 400 is the oldest and most prestigious off-road race in America. Held annually in March, more than 550 race teams in 80+ classes compete for two days on a grueling desert course in the desolate foothills of Las Vegas. For 2020, a newly created Hooligan Class was created.

“Hooligan desert racing is a true embrace of the spirit of the Mint 400. This race was started by crazy dreamers who didn’t have ‘race’ equipment. They raced in stock vehicles, VW Bugs, Jeeps, street bikes, sedans, whatever they had,” commented Mint 400 CEO, Matt Martelli. “We will never forget that off-road racing at its core is about the regular guy building a bike or vehicle in their garage and coming and having an amazing experience with their friends and family, challenging ‘The Great American Off-Road Race.’”