Next-Gen Tour

Next-Gen vibes

The Milan stage of the tour opened with a special event inside Spazio Lenovo in full Scrambler mood with music, fun, colors and digital art by Van Orton Design.

Immersive experience

The entire party was enlivened by the electronic music of Fresco, a DJ and producer known for his collaborations with Jovanotti, and throughout the event guests were able to try the immersive virtual reality experience dedicated to the new models.


Among the most appreciated moments were also the live-sketching of the new Scrambler generation, organized together with the designer of the Centro Stile Ducati, who explained in detail the styling concepts that inspired the birth of this bike.

Van Orton x Scrambler Ducati

On display also the unique Scrambler Ducati version based on Van Orton design, in the wake of the customization spirit that represents one of the cornerstones of the brand philosophy.

Watch the behind the scenes video.

A few pics

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