The Next-Gen Scrambler Ducati debuts in China

Scrambler Ducati debuts in China and as always it does so in style, with a colourful and fun event that attracted many fans to the Wharf Space, in the centre of Shanghai.

The new generation Scrambler Ducati presented to the public in China with an event characterized by a mix of music, art and entertainment. Ducati Scrambler Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift are the stars of the evening: three versions with an unmistakable style, united by their low weight and oriented towards maximum riding pleasure

Even in China, the presentation of the “Next-Gen Freedom” turned into an authentic party, capable of entertaining around 150 people including journalists, VIPs and passionate Ducatisti.

The evening in Shanghai began with an introductory speech by Francesco Milicia (VP Global Sales & After Sales Ducati), which was followed by a technical presentation made by Rocco Canosa (Head of Scrambler Ducati), who explained to the audience the evolution of the Scrambler Ducati project, capable of constantly improving itself over these years without ever losing its identity.

The new tank is the element that best expresses the concept of customization, which has always distinguished the Scrambler Ducati universe. The coloured portion of the Icon model is a cover that can be easily replaced to suit all tastes. Scrambler Ducati offers nine colours: ’62 Yellow, Thrilling Black, Ducati Red, Storm Green, Rio Celeste, Tangerine Orange, Jade Green, Sparking Blue, Velvet Red.

This method of customization also lends itself naturally to personal creative interventions and, after the experiments of Van Orton Design and the Japanese artistic collective GOO CHOKI PAR, a special cover kit was also presented at this event in China, created by contemporary artist Peng Bo. Peng Bo’s conceptual vision fuses cartoon imagery with pop culture and traditional Chinese art, mixing classical and modern, Eastern and Western elements in a unique personal perspective.

The Shanghai event represents a further stage in the world tour that Next-Gen Freedom is making, guided by its innate spirit of sharing. During its first year, the new generation Scrambler Ducati first made inroads into the hearts of European motorcyclists with the legs of the Next-Gen Tour, and subsequently brought the energy and vibrations that have always characterized the “Land of Joy” to different corners of the planet through events always characterized by joy, freedom and self-expression: from Mexico to Thailand, up to India and Australia, many enthusiasts were able to experience first-hand the new features proposed by this new generation Scrambler Ducati.