A perfect mix of emotions between Off Road riding and pure relaxation: the passion for the two wheels goes beyond all boundaries; in this case, it reaches the dirty roads. For Annamaria and Giuseppe, the purest form of the Ducati Scrambler comes out during the Days of Joy. Because for the two of them, getting off the paved road does not mean getting lost, but rather finding themselves.

Hello Annamaria, hello Giuseppe, thank you very much for this interview. Let’s start right away with a question for true Scrambler enthusiasts.
If I say “Days of Joy,” what’s the first thought that comes to your mind?

Obviously: Ducati, lots of motorcycle fun, in maximum safety among beautiful routes on the most fascinating and most pleasant roads for a motorcyclist. All in great company, riding a Ducati Scrambler motorcycle.

How many editions have you already taken part to? And what will be the next adventure related to Days of Joy?

We rode the Tuscany Scrambler Experience in 2021. This year we did it again on the roads of L’Eroica and we were also in Cesenatico, at the Scrambler Experience Romagna. We can’t wait to know about the new Days of Joy schedule to look ahead to new and exciting adventures.

Which was the most memorable Days of Joy for you and why?

They are all in our hearts. All of them for different reasons, all of them equally exciting. From those which were more technical in terms of riding activities, to the more exquisitely scenic and goliardic ones, we really enjoyed them all.

Desert Sled and DesertX: tell us about the feeling you have with these motorcycles?

Annamaria: I have always ridden a Desert Sled, finding it very fun and versatile, also thanks to the technical assistance which was always provided by the Ducati staff at these events.

Giuseppe: I rode a Desert Sled in 2021 and a DesertX in 2022. I found the former to be a very fun bike, and the latter an extremely intuitive one.

Now tell us a little bit about yourselves: who are you, what do you do and which are your passions, other than motorcycles?

We are both lawyers and we run a law firm together. In addition to motorcycles, I (Annamaria) am a big fan of hiking, mountaineering and cycling. I practice these activities on a regular basis. Giuseppe is passionate about off road motorcycles and cycling in all its forms.

The last question is very related to our brand. In what area or aspect of life do you find the concept of self-expression?

Work and play. Always remembering that, precisely, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.