Next-Gen Tour

Third stop on the Tour

Following the first two stops of the tour in London and Milan, visitors in Munich had the opportunity to test ride the new Ducati Scrambler Icon and experience its incomparable riding sensation.


Over 700 excited guests immersed themselves in the unique lifestyle of Scrambler Ducati at the Jochen Schweizer Arena, accompanied by DJ music.

Ride and Surf

Numerous motorcycle enthusiasts seized the unique opportunity to take an exhilarating test ride on the new Scrambler Icon and then hop on a surfboard to ride the waves.

Van Orton x Scrambler Ducati

On display also the unique Scrambler Ducati version based on Van Orton design, in the wake of the customization spirit that represents one of the cornerstones of the brand philosophy.

Watch the behind the scenes video.

A few pics

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