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Don’t Call Me Cinderella

Biker Federica Moschiano and metal girl Valentina RocketQueen discuss on a wide range of topics related to the everyday life of motorcycle lovers.


Freedom Riders

Welcome to Freedom Riders, where we talk about movies that inspire us to think outside the box and follow our own path!


From Zero To Hero

From Zero to Hero tells the true stories of common people who tried and successfully escaped a boring routine.


Gimme Lemons

Let’s discover some stories of serendipity or resilience that will inspire us to overcome our obstacles. Gimme Lemons, baby!


It’s The Press Baby

Every true Scrambler lover knows that even the most ordinary experience can become extraordinary with a touch of madness.


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The next generation of Scrambler Ducati is here, evolved to take you into a new Scrambler mode: creative, enjoyable, and with a contemporary feeling.