Next-Gen Tour

Next-Gen vibes

The new generation Scrambler Ducati has arrived in Madrid, faithful to its non-conformist, young and dynamic style. A crowded party made all the power and flavour of the colourful new Scrambler Ducati generation be felt in the hearts of the attendees.

The fifth stage of the Tour

The fifth stop of the event was hosted at the X-Madrid, where Ducati Madrid Sur, a commercial and leisure space located in Alcorcón, a landmark of urban culture and leisure, which is the perfect setting to host the Next-Gen Tour, sharing values and concept with the Ducati Scrambler brand.

Special guests

Luxury guests such as actor and Ducatista Maxi Iglesias, Team Pramac Ducati MotoGP rider Jorge Martín and travellers Charly Sinewan and Alicia Sornosa, among others, joined us to enjoy the music of international DJ Marta Van Dam and the live surf show

Van Orton x Scrambler Ducati

On display also the unique Scrambler Ducati version based on Van Orton design, in the wake of the customization spirit that represents one of the cornerstones of the brand philosophy.

Watch the behind the scenes video.

A few pics

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