All the energy of the Scrambler Ducati Next-Gen in a photo gallery with the best images of the travelling tour that left its mark in six of the most important European cities.

In the wake of the great success achieved in the events in London, Milan, Munich, Paris and Madrid, Scrambler Ducati has added a special appointment to the Next-Gen Tour calendar. On Friday 30 June the city of Vienna thus became the sixth European metropolis touched by this electrifying international project. The charge of energy, social gathering, music, colours and digital art of the new Scrambler Ducati generation was concentrated in the fascinating location of the MQ Amore Minigolf Sculpture Park, in the centre of the Austrian capital, where the participants experienced a day in full Scrambler Ducati mood.

The Next-Gen Tour is a format created to convey all the essence of the Scrambler Ducati world, offering the vibes that made the “Land of Joy” such a global success in a relaxed atmosphere, including outdoor activities, digital content and unmistakably Scrambler Ducati initiatives. In total, more than 2000 enthusiasts have taken part in the Next-Gen Tour events, discovering the new Scrambler Ducati models up close with the possibility of riding the bike by carrying out or booking a test ride on the city streets.

The activities mainly related to the world of two wheels were also accompanied by moments of pure fun, as in the case of the surf sessions in Munich and Madrid, the augmented reality experience in Milan, the musical shows in London and Paris and finally, some minigolf matches that made the stage in Vienna unique. Once again, the values of the “Land of Joy” were conveyed by the smiles and enthusiasm of the people, reflected in the photo gallery containing the most spectacular images of each event.