Adventure and fun: in the Land of Joy, imagination has no boundaries with DesertX and Motard, the latest Scrambler concepts created to enhance creativity and free self-expression.

Last November, at EICMA, they captured the eyes of the fair’s visitors and won the hearts of all Ducati Scrambler fans. They are the latest Ducati Scrambler concepts: Motard and DesertX, created by Julien Clément and Jérémy Faraud.

The two designers drew inspiration from the eras, styles and characters that triggered their passion for the two wheels. Unleashing all their imagination and creativity without limits to freedom of expression, as per the perfect Scrambler manual.

Motard: extreme fun in pure 80s style.

This unique item takes the Scrambler 800 to the next level. It is inspired by the design of the 1980s supermotards and is a sporty derivation of the Scrambler Desert Sled.

It is fitted with slick tyres with SCR grooves for road use. The front number plate creates the characteristic shape of the Scrambler DRL.

The new brushed steel fuel tank is positioned under two covers that highlight its teardrop shape.

DesertX: it’s a new golden age for adventure!

DesertX is inspired by the iconic models that competed in the golden age of desert Rally, the 80s and 90s, and the unforgettable Paris Dakar epics.

The bike has a 21″ wheel at the front and is built on a Scrambler 1100 base. Designed for long trips with challenging off-road stretches, DesertX integrates 2 tanks, each divided into 2 parts, to ensure the continuation of the trip even in case of a crash. The passenger seat can be removed to make space for a baggage carrier. The windshield incorporates a twin DRL with the iconic shape of the Scrambler model.

The retro-technological and functional style, combined with the clean lines of the robust design approach, makes this a timeless, evergreen concept.

Designing a Scrambler concept: freedom squared.

In addition to being its designers, Julien Clément and Jérémy Faraud are real fans of the Land of Joy. For the two Frenchmen, freedom of expression is an essential value, and these concepts have given them the opportunity toz express without any constraints, as the designers themselves told in the interview to be published in the next issue of Ducati Redline Magazine:

“Concepts are always great opportunities for us. We have the possibility to express ourselves without external intervention, so the final result is always very faithful to our initial idea.”

Do you want to find out more about Motard and DesertX? Just a few more days and the magazine will be available in print at Ducati dealers all over the world and in digital format on our website and Ducati’s website.