Next-Gen Tour

Next-Gen vibes

The new generation Ducati Scrambler took the stage in Gran Canaria with a full Scrambler-style event featuring lots of yellow vibes, journalists, VIPs and enthusiasts.

The place to be

The event took place at one of the trendiest venues in Las Palmas located in the heart of the city: Alboroto. The space was decorated to convey the look & feel of the Scrambler brand.

Live customization

Special guest Erik Air, one of the world’s best graffiti artists, performed a live customization, painting the new Scrambler Icon using neon colors.

Erik Air x Scrambler Ducati

The artist created live a special version of the new Scrambler Icon. Using neon paint, visible only under black light, Erik Air accentuated the urban aesthetic of the new Scrambler Icon.

A few pics

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