Scrambler Ducati Live is coming in March 2021, a live music and life stories project involving the leading up-and-coming Italian musicians.The live sessions are held together with Fonoprint, the historic Bologna recording studio of which Dalla was a partner and which saw the rise of artists such as Vasco and Guccini.The students of the 24ORE Business School will define the launch plan and the communication strategy for the launch of the format in a work project.

Since its inception, Scrambler Ducati has been characterized by a non-conformist nature that enhances freedom of expression and the sharing of positive emotions. Music is one of the founding values ​​of the brand; the proximity to this world materialized immediately with the creation of Radio Ducati Scrambler and will be renewed in March 2021 with the Scrambler Ducati Live sessions.

Scrambler Ducati Live is an unprecedented format of live sessions and interviews with emerging musicians on the Italian scene. The project is carried out in collaboration with Fonoprint, the historic recording studio in Bologna that hosted and saw the creation of the greatest hits of artists such as Zucchero, Vasco Rossi, Francesco Guccini, Andrea Bocelli and of which Lucio Dalla was one of the partners.

Each live session consists of two main moments and locations: the recording and control room of Studio A in Fonoprint, where the artists perform live, and the Scrambler Ducati Food Factory restaurant, where the interviews are held.

Scrambler Ducati Live involves bands with important international experience representing every musical genre, from rock to blues through folk and post-punk. Many different ways of musical expression, but united by the common aim of singing in English, which is essential for touring abroad and taking part in important showcase festivals such as the SXSW in Dallas (USA) or the Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen (Netherlands).

Among the artists involved, some of the most interesting names of the current Italian music scene, such as Jennifer Gentle, Giungla, Bee Bee Sea, Eugenia Post Meridiem, Black Snake Moan and Sunday Mornings.

The project is completed by the collaboration with 24ORE Business School, which sees the students of the course in Digital Communication, Content & Social Media Marketing work on a project to create a global launch plan and communication strategy for the format. Scrambler® will evaluate all the projects and choose the best one, which may become the inspiration for the launch of Scrambler Ducati Live in March 2021.