London, Milan, Munich, Madrid and Paris: five cities for five special appointments to immerse yourself in the mood of the new generation Scrambler Ducati.

Energy, get-together, entertainment, music, colours, digital art. All this and much more can be expected from the five stages of the Scrambler Ducati Next-Gen Tour: the itinerant journey with which the new generation Ducati Scrambler aims to leave an indelible mark in the hearts of enthusiasts, immediately after impressing everyone with its dynamic characteristics during the Global Riding Première in Valencia.

Five of the most important European cities (London, Milan, Munich, Madrid and Paris) will host five events in cool locations fully in line with the mood of the brand, with which to immerse yourself in the Scrambler Ducati world and experience those vibes that have made it a global success with more than 100,000 motorcycles sold in 8 years.

The Next-Gen Tour project is immediately recognizable for its strong visual and graphic identity, developed in collaboration with Van Orton Design. The Italian duo are among the most popular exponents of European digital art and for the occasion they have expressed their creative principles based on the concepts of the second-generation Ducati Scrambler, taking care of the image of the entire tour. Furthermore, in the wake of the spirit of customization that represents one of the cornerstones of the Scrambler Ducati philosophy, Van Orton Design has brought its creativity to the covers of a unique version that will tour Europe.

Each stage of the Next-Gen Tour will have a unique and special program with numerous surprises to entertain and amuse the participants. Everything will revolve around the new models in the range: Ducati Scrambler Icon, Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle and Ducati Scrambler Nightshift, three versions that confirm the simplicity and authenticity that have always represented essential values for all Scrambler Ducati enthusiasts, while at the same time becoming more contemporary, colourful and endowed with an even more lively personality. During the stages of the tour, it will also be possible to test ride a Ducati Scrambler Icon or book one to test at the nearest dealership.

This is the calendar of the Scrambler Ducati Next-Gen Tour:

London, HERE at Outernet – April 27th
Milan, Spazio Lenovo – May 4th (Test rides available at Ducati Milan also on May 5th and May 6th)
Munich, Jochen Schweizer Arena – May 13th
Paris, Ground Control – May 16th
Madrid, X-Madrid – June 1st
Wien, MQ Amore Minigolf Sculpture Park – June 30th