New Scrambler accessory line launched

Scrambler even more customizable with the new accessories line: a complete range to align every motorcycle with the rider’s mood.

Since its debut in 2015, the Scrambler has captivated over 100,000 enthusiasts worldwide, becoming a symbol of a free-spirited, positive, and non-conformist attitude.

The new version of the Scrambler introduces innovative technological elements, such as the implementation of ABS Cornering and Ducati Traction Control, managed through Riding Mode. The motorcycle becomes not only a timeless style icon but also an example of advanced safety on the road. With a weight reduction of 4 kg compared to the previous model, it becomes even more accessible, easy to handle, and enjoyable to ride.

However, customization remains at the heart of the Scrambler. With the option to choose from 9 different colors through a customization kit, the motorcycle adapts to every style. Additionally, a wide range of original accessories offers motorcyclists the opportunity to shape their bike according to their riding mood, playing with details and personal taste. Among the innovations: a Termignoni street-legal silencer with a black-painted casing and carbon fiber end cap; the choice between aluminum alloy wheels and spoked wheels for those who want to emphasize the more stylish side of the Scrambler; Ducati Quick Shift for sports driving enthusiasts; turn-by-turn navigation software to leverage navigation features without an external device; the Ducati by Rizoma Aluminum Kit born from collaboration with the brand to add an extra touch of style and the finishing of aesthetic and functional details, such as handlebar levers and footpeg pairs.

Lightness and functionality are the main qualities of all Ducati accessories designed for the Scrambler, which has built its own legend on agility, ease of handling, and cool image without compromising performance. Discover the latest innovations in the Scrambler Accessories line, available on the website.